Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Cookie

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Well, it seems life has thrown me some more changes since last I wrote...namely that I won't be getting or giving the COOKIE anytime soon!  My relationship efforts at a second go-around ended suddenly- and around the holidays no less!

So I guess when I was reading Act Like a Lady, I had better have been generalizing for all men, since I'll be back out on the dating scene again someday!  Oy! 
What I REALLY learned from the book was that I am going to institute a 90-day RULE for the cookie!  HAHA : )   He explained that when anyone starts working for a company, you have to work usually 90 days prior to receiving the 'benefits' so why should us ladies think or act any differently?  I think when I go out with a guy, he'll show up on time, do what is required, earn his keep, and THEN may receive the benefits - or THE COOKIE!

Meanwhile, batteries will have to suffice for me too!  ; )

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

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I am reading Steve Harvey's book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man to see if I can gleam anything helpful to arm myself in this dating world at all! 
So far, some things seem to ring true!
  1. Men's love is different than women's love.  While a woman can be kind, compassionate, patient, nurturing, sweet and unconditional and pure - and she can want all of that from her man, a man's love IS different!  Because men don't love like we do, doesn't mean they don't.  Here's how to tell if a man loves you...A man will PROFESS his love for you, by introducing you as something, sharing with the world that you are important to him.  A man will PROVIDE for you in many ways, and PROTECT you...they are born and bred to do these things for a lady that is important in their lives.
  2. Needs - Women's needs are complicated and change in an instant!  Men's needs are simple - Support, Loyalty and THE COOKIE....
More about the cookie next!  Interesting stuff - giving us the secrets of how men work, think and love...hmmmm!

Friday, September 18, 2009


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I have read and shared my wealth of knowledge on dating with other women, and one resource I like to spread regards the book He's Just Not That Into You! It is indeed right on in a lot of cases the things that men do to show you that they are into you or not...for example, CALLING you, asking you out, and whatnot. One such topic in the book is excuses to NOT be into you!

Sometimes we women make up excuses for them, too - such as 'oh, he travels a lot' or 'he's just getting over a relationship'. The truth of the matter they are excuses - if they are into you they are into you...period! Did I mention that I have often spread this knowledge forth to prosper among other single ladies?

Well, once in a while, the book and myself are wrong! Sometimes there ARE legitimate excuses like the one I experienced after a date! Here's the scoop!

I went on a lovely date - a hike to the mountains, gorgeous hour-long drive, good company, beautful scenery, great picture opportunities. We had such a good time, a few dates in, and I invited him to join up later with my friends for dancing and he agreed. I thought, 'GREAT!' progress, meeting the friends. Well only 2 hours later, I texted that we were ready and he replied 'would love to, but can't. will explain tomorrow. have fun'. In my girlie-ness, I thought what could possibly change in two hours' time that he wouldn't want to come!? I let it go, waited until the next day around noon to call him - no answer.

Then the biggie! I received a call from the hospital where he works and thought he had to go in - well HE DID!!! As a PATIENT!!!!

He went to work out in between our hike and going out, got chest pains and found himself passed out on the treadmill! Idid go physically visit him (he invited) in the hospital and saw him in a gown hooked up to heart monitors for my own two eyes! WOW!!

So, ladies, only once in a GREAT LONG while is an 'excuse' for real! Otherwise, I would stick to the generalizations where if it is too far out then it really IS an excuse and He's Just NOT That Into You! Stay tuned for more tales to come!

Blind Date

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Well, I guess everyone's got to experience a blind turn!
My friend has just been dying to set me up with a guy at work, and finally I agreed!

He called promptly, was so polite, and we set up a hike, dinner and would then see what else would happen from there. When I got to the hiking spot we agreed to meet at, I realized that this was probably not the safest move I'd made, given that I AM Safety Girl and preach safe ways to date, have sex, etc. and ad nauseum! But, realized he also had a built-in level of trust since he's worked with my friend for 2 years...

It turned out fine! Was an enjoyable hike, we changed for dinner, had a good time there, all good and fun conversation. We ended up going out for drinks after dinner and staying out until 1:00 am! All in all, not a bad blind date - for having to have one! : )

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pastor Meeting

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In my recent thoughts on dating, I realized that I had quite a meeting once - a PASTOR!
My dear friends had this 'wonderful' pastor that they wanted me to meet, so they invited me to their church for a Harvest Luncheon - no big deal, right?

Little did I know that their church was the smallish type and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in the joint knew exactly why I was there! I was asked 20 questions by everyone, stared at, whispered about - which was funny and even funnier when I noticed that the pastor fella was completely clueless!

But the grandest of all in this meeting is that my then-2-year-old had the most major blowout - and I ended up having NO extra clothes, trying to find cleaning supplies, garbage sacks, you name it! So, he ended up running around in a church that we've never stepped foot in in his diaper and shirt - all to meet a pastor with no kids!

Needless to say, the clueless pastor and the trashy mother did NOT hook up whatsoever! ; )

Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Date Nightmare!

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I shall begin my new embarkment into singlehood by relaying a FRIEND's most nightmare-ish first date EVER!! I know and understand that I must someday get back out in the trenches, and do fear it like the rest of you, so I will share with you that it just CANNOT be as bad as my gal pal's experience!

She and her interested fellow went for a walk around a lake and she was able to bring her little puppy too, a seemingly welcoming and dog-loving gesture, plus on this guy's tally! After spending some time primping and preparing as we women do, she had NO IDEA what she was in for!

While walking the dog on their date, she got its leash stuck underneath it and at the same time, the little pooch decided that he needed to relieve himself, of the solid sort if you catch my drift and might guess where this is heading! She did not realize the actions that had ensued and reached down for the leash, only to get pooch poo all over her hand! She was forced to clean up in the lake water and a BUG landed on her shoulder and instincts of flight/fight kicked in and WHACK...she got that bug, but in the process she got poo on her shoulder as well!

The stinky ride home from the so-called 'date' could not have been any longer and dreadful, and to no surprise she did not get a call back for a second date!

So, in short, we cannot possibly EVER have as bad a date as that one, and if you somehow managed to, send it my way to post here on this new blog of dating divas! ; )

Blog Beginnings for Dancing Diva

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Blogging has intrigued me for some time now, as I have been feeling the need for a creative outlet. I have decided I might venture into this world and share funny stories from dating, motherhood, career-world, friends, and other things in life. Many stories will come along as LIFE happens, the good and the bad.

We need to lighten up, enjoy things more, find purpose every event, and be able to LAUGH, even if it is at my expense! : )

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