Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Date Nightmare!

Posted by Dancing Daring Delightful Diva at 12:21 PM
I shall begin my new embarkment into singlehood by relaying a FRIEND's most nightmare-ish first date EVER!! I know and understand that I must someday get back out in the trenches, and do fear it like the rest of you, so I will share with you that it just CANNOT be as bad as my gal pal's experience!

She and her interested fellow went for a walk around a lake and she was able to bring her little puppy too, a seemingly welcoming and dog-loving gesture, plus on this guy's tally! After spending some time primping and preparing as we women do, she had NO IDEA what she was in for!

While walking the dog on their date, she got its leash stuck underneath it and at the same time, the little pooch decided that he needed to relieve himself, of the solid sort if you catch my drift and might guess where this is heading! She did not realize the actions that had ensued and reached down for the leash, only to get pooch poo all over her hand! She was forced to clean up in the lake water and a BUG landed on her shoulder and instincts of flight/fight kicked in and WHACK...she got that bug, but in the process she got poo on her shoulder as well!

The stinky ride home from the so-called 'date' could not have been any longer and dreadful, and to no surprise she did not get a call back for a second date!

So, in short, we cannot possibly EVER have as bad a date as that one, and if you somehow managed to, send it my way to post here on this new blog of dating divas! ; )

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