Friday, January 29, 2010


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I am in the middle of an experiment.  I have been torn about online dating, but decided to at least add the experience to my collection!  So, on the first day, I had gotten 5 emails, and a couple of "WINKS" ; )  whatever that is! 

I found completing the profile a VERY good learning experience, and you can complete a profile without officially signing up and paying for the service...I completed 2 different sites to see what was better.  I tried eHarmony and and found to have MORE matches for me to choose from (come on, a girl still wants CHOICE, right?) and the matches were IN Billings.  So, that led me to pay and sign up and see who my matches were! 

It has been entertaining, interesting, intriguing, and odd all at the same time.  A couple fellas and I have been emailing back and forth, a few I have emailed and have gotten no response - and one who marked me as a "favorite" but hasn't bothered to respond!  Darn, he sounded VERY intelligent, funny and interesting, too! 

I have realized this about online dating so far - while you are increasing your chances of meeting and connecting with people, at the same time you are increasing your rejection ratio as well!  I have rejected some, and some likely are rejecting me.  But, in keeping the perspective, that is why I did throw out who and how I am, take it or leave leave it if you're not interested!  The same goes for me!  : )

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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So, my friends tease me all the time about all these RULES that I have in regards to dating.  There are not many, but I stand by them very strongly and I wish more of my friends developed their own rules too...or just followed mine!  : )
  1. Never give out your phone number in a BAR...NEVER!  You are not going there to meet guys; you will not meet Mr. Right in a bar; and if he's truly meant for you, certainly you'd run into him somewhere else!
  2. Never ditch plans with friends for a date; Karma is just asking to get even! Bad date, getting stood up, you name it!  It shows character to not cancel on plans you have, and if the guy is interested, he will wait and try for another night!
  3. NEW  to the menu!  Implement the "90-day" rule!  Make a guy earn his keep, show up on time, treat you right, etc before giving him the 'benefits' or the 'cookie' ; ) (See The COOKIE post for more info, from Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man book!)
Well, even I was meant to semi-break my own rules at some point and I have learned my lesson!  I gave out my number to a guy that I had danced with on 3 separate occasions at a bar...but I didn't give him my number even then.  My friends and I went to eat afterwards, when he and his brother showed up about 20 minutes later!  So, my friends said that I was no longer IN a bar and could give him my number, or take his at the very least.  So, I took his, and called him a few days later.  We have been communicating and I have learned very much to NEVER break my rule again! UUUUGH! Just not the guy for me...I am very intuitive about these things - and even so, sometimes it is just obvious! HAHA

Nice guy, but I am VERY different kind of girl and am a LOT to handle to begin with.  So last night he texted "did you have a good day or are you in one of your moods" - and that will be the last call or text that he gets from me...If this was only the beginning of a relationship thing, what fun is THAT??? Ick!   My moods are my business, and I guess I'm not in the MOOD to hear from him again! 
SO, I guess I have a BAR GUY to add to the mix, and move on to better!  Oy!

Facebook, REALLY?

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So, Facebook is for catching up with current, new AND old friends, right? I do just that, stay in better touch - at least in a passive and voyeuristic way!  I had the funniet thing happen to me recently, and 2+2 only happened because the stars aligned just so and things happened kind of automatically!

One afternoon, I booked a trip to Kalispell for work, kind of last minute, scheduled it, made arrangements for the kids, all those travel things you do!  That very evening I was on Facebook, and got a friend request from an old "neighbor boy" friend of mine from 5th grade on up!  I accepted his request, excited to see what he'd been up to, and I saw that he lived in KALISPELL!  I sent him a message catching up and also letting him know that I was coming to Kalispell that very next week! 

We spent a week emailing, calling and texting to the point we were both like little kids, so excited to meet and catch up - it was a playdate!  Well, lo and behold; what was to be old friends & neighbors catching up, turned into an attraction and a DATE - or two!  Funny thing is, nothing will come of it , with 7 hours and reality between us, but it was enjoyable and fun!  And, I learned that Facebook and other methods of meeting and staying in touch can bring all kinds of possibilities!  Every person comes into your life for a REASON, SEASON, or LIFETIME....

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