Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Facebook, REALLY?

Posted by Dancing Daring Delightful Diva at 9:37 AM
So, Facebook is for catching up with current, new AND old friends, right? I do just that, stay in better touch - at least in a passive and voyeuristic way!  I had the funniet thing happen to me recently, and 2+2 only happened because the stars aligned just so and things happened kind of automatically!

One afternoon, I booked a trip to Kalispell for work, kind of last minute, scheduled it, made arrangements for the kids, all those travel things you do!  That very evening I was on Facebook, and got a friend request from an old "neighbor boy" friend of mine from 5th grade on up!  I accepted his request, excited to see what he'd been up to, and I saw that he lived in KALISPELL!  I sent him a message catching up and also letting him know that I was coming to Kalispell that very next week! 

We spent a week emailing, calling and texting to the point we were both like little kids, so excited to meet and catch up - it was a playdate!  Well, lo and behold; what was to be old friends & neighbors catching up, turned into an attraction and a DATE - or two!  Funny thing is, nothing will come of it , with 7 hours and reality between us, but it was enjoyable and fun!  And, I learned that Facebook and other methods of meeting and staying in touch can bring all kinds of possibilities!  Every person comes into your life for a REASON, SEASON, or LIFETIME....

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