Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ski Trip - Lawyer

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Well, one match.com guy I went on 5 or so dates with and I felt comfortable & when he invited me to go skiing to Big Sky, I decided things were going well enough that I accepted!  It sounded fun, getting away, and I had never skiied there! 

So Saturday we headed up, he was sweet, affectionate, excited, funny, all the same.  He paid for everything (he's a lawyer, I don't think money is an issue!) and it was seemingly very fun!  All went well Saturday night, even given the awkward 'overnight' scenario. 

So what happened Sunday morning?  I woke up with Jekyl!  He was irritable, snippy, rude, short with me, uninterested in a damn thing I had to say, walked off into restaurants and rooms without me, all kinds of stuff!  I think we both could hardly wait to get home. 

BUT, the skiing WAS amazing!  I kept telling him he could go do black diamond runs if he wanted to, that I didn't want to hold him back, because I just wanted to ENJOY the skiing without pressure & without his irritations. I wanted to ride the lifts with interesting people, like the couple guys from TEXAS here for a medical conference.  Life is great, no sense for grumpiness! AND, if he was that way in the beginning when one is supposed to be on your best behavior, then what would I possibly be getting into?  YUCK!  No thanks!

Coffee Guy

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Well, here is an interesting scenario.  After all these previous guys I was trying to see how to meet a guy, not have it be with friends, with alcohol, and not for too long in case it went badly, and I thought of it!

I emailed one guy that I found intriguing on the site, and I said that I was going to cancel my membership as it wasn't meant for me to meet people this way.  But he intrigued me at least in writing and if he felt like meeting me in the real world, I frequented the Off The Leaf Coffee Bar on Friday mornings about 8:05-8:30.  I said that on a Monday and forgot about it, never really thinking that someone would show up!

Well, I did do my usual stop on Friday morning, grabbed my drink, visited with the friendly staff, got the paper, ran into a friend and said hello, then sat at a table...when here comes this incredibly handsome fella who says to me "Where's your box of crayons?"  I was STUNNED to say the least...that he showed up!  And the crayon line?  He had said in his profile that he ran with scissors, didn't obey the speed limit and coloered outside the lines...so I had replied in my email to him that I came with my own box of crayons for doing just that! 

Well, we visited for an hour and I thought it was GREAT! I would have completely seen him again...I gave him my phone number and haven't heard yet.  He said he could be such a procrastinator and had even sat down to reply to me a couple times then got this coffee email and decided to come.  So, if one is going to procrastinate THAT much, I'm not interested...even though he was DAMN cute and intelligent!  Too bad! 

GAY-dar Guy

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Ok, my Gay-dar is right on most the time, but man alive! I recently connected with a guy from Bozeman on the match site and he wanted to come up to Billings and meet me, so I agreed, safely to an afternoon date and thought I'd play it by ear. I had a birthday party with friends later.

So, coffee, lunch and a hike all seemed to go well, but something was at least a little goofy about this guy. Intelligent, but a little geeky admittedly. Certainly was behaving better than some others anyway and seemed like a gentleman anyway!

Since it was all going fairly well, I asked if he'd like to stay and go with me and my friends. Dinner out with 3 gal pals went well, they LIKED him! He faired well with them, and then we met up with more friends and one good guy friend said "HE'S GAY!!!!" and we all went berserk! Really? He had an accent and spoke with a bit of a lisp which was annoying, but we didn't pick up on any GAY vibes! UNTIL THEN!!! Then, everything he did I thought how dorky and GAY he was! And I was stuck on the date, because I had asked him to join us! Learning lesson!

Well, things got REALLY weird after the date, and the next night on the phone I was saying it just wasn't going to work out and he asked me for my GUY friend's phone number! Said he was such a nice guy, so sweet to us ladies, he didn't want him thinking bad of him, etc... and all I could think was - GAAAAAY!!!! And then he went on and on to tell me how he was ATTRACTED to my girlfriend! He did NOT just say that!!!!?? It went completely downhill from there. I told him I had to go call her and got off the phone with him. He then called 5 times in an hour and tried a few more days...then I finally called him back to leave him a nastygram...and sadly, he UNFRIENDED me on Facebook! Phew! Another one bites the dust!

Too Tall

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Another story for the books! TooTallBrian! Well, the guy was attractive and interesting on his profile and let this be a lesson to learn from! On the phone he mentioned that he modeled a time or two, but there wasn't much need for SIX-FOOT-TEN models - and my only instinct was - man, this guy could likely be full of himself! I am ON!!!

He earned brownie points by meeting me AND a couple friends for a night out - lesson learned...no friends, no alcohol on a first date! He faired well during dinner, except that he was NEXT to me and across from my two friends, so conversation steered more toward them...but he was nice, kind of funny and bought dinner for all of us.

Then on to the next place where we stepped out of the car and he had a cigarette! His profile had said NO WAY to smoking! Oh NO!!! This was the beginning of a downhill slide!

Out dancing stunk at the hiphop place, as he tried to hook up at other tables of girls 'his friend' and ignored me dancin out all sexy-like on the dancefloor...the excuse? ‘Not my kind of music’. My friends said to ditch him, but I thought, OH, one more chance...so we moved to a country bar. There, he disappeared completely and WE were looking for a ride home, got one arranged and then he appeared. So, I watched my friends closely, made a fabulous EXIT speech, turned around to grab my friend's hand and exit to her arranged ride. Only guess what? NO RIDE!!! They bailed! So, here I gave this great exit speech, told the guy off and when he and his friend came looking for us ended up taking us back to our car! How AWKWARD!!

And then the funniest thing? He marked me as 'INTERESTED' the next week on the Match.com site! WHATEVER!!!


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Well, lo and behold, it was bound to happen - and right off the bat!  The guy who we all know suffers from NICE GUY Syndrome, right?  Yep, you bet!

Connected online with a nice fella, had great and witty emails, then great and witty conversations on the phone for hours...then the first date...not bad!  Then two dates, and pretty quickly it was apparent that he was into me than I was into him. 

I wasn't sure though, either, having been out of the game for a while, and so I wanted to be friends, see what happened, and do you know what????  He didn't WANT to be my friend!  He's been 'in the Friend Zone" far too many times, so he just would rather not be there with me.  CRAZY!  So, I was worth dating, being with, seeing if a together-life would grow, but NOT to be my friend?  WOW!!!  Moving on I guess!

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