Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coffee Guy

Posted by Dancing Daring Delightful Diva at 9:34 PM
Well, here is an interesting scenario.  After all these previous guys I was trying to see how to meet a guy, not have it be with friends, with alcohol, and not for too long in case it went badly, and I thought of it!

I emailed one guy that I found intriguing on the site, and I said that I was going to cancel my membership as it wasn't meant for me to meet people this way.  But he intrigued me at least in writing and if he felt like meeting me in the real world, I frequented the Off The Leaf Coffee Bar on Friday mornings about 8:05-8:30.  I said that on a Monday and forgot about it, never really thinking that someone would show up!

Well, I did do my usual stop on Friday morning, grabbed my drink, visited with the friendly staff, got the paper, ran into a friend and said hello, then sat at a table...when here comes this incredibly handsome fella who says to me "Where's your box of crayons?"  I was STUNNED to say the least...that he showed up!  And the crayon line?  He had said in his profile that he ran with scissors, didn't obey the speed limit and coloered outside the lines...so I had replied in my email to him that I came with my own box of crayons for doing just that! 

Well, we visited for an hour and I thought it was GREAT! I would have completely seen him again...I gave him my phone number and haven't heard yet.  He said he could be such a procrastinator and had even sat down to reply to me a couple times then got this coffee email and decided to come.  So, if one is going to procrastinate THAT much, I'm not interested...even though he was DAMN cute and intelligent!  Too bad! 

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