Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ski Trip - Lawyer

Posted by Dancing Daring Delightful Diva at 9:45 PM
Well, one match.com guy I went on 5 or so dates with and I felt comfortable & when he invited me to go skiing to Big Sky, I decided things were going well enough that I accepted!  It sounded fun, getting away, and I had never skiied there! 

So Saturday we headed up, he was sweet, affectionate, excited, funny, all the same.  He paid for everything (he's a lawyer, I don't think money is an issue!) and it was seemingly very fun!  All went well Saturday night, even given the awkward 'overnight' scenario. 

So what happened Sunday morning?  I woke up with Jekyl!  He was irritable, snippy, rude, short with me, uninterested in a damn thing I had to say, walked off into restaurants and rooms without me, all kinds of stuff!  I think we both could hardly wait to get home. 

BUT, the skiing WAS amazing!  I kept telling him he could go do black diamond runs if he wanted to, that I didn't want to hold him back, because I just wanted to ENJOY the skiing without pressure & without his irritations. I wanted to ride the lifts with interesting people, like the couple guys from TEXAS here for a medical conference.  Life is great, no sense for grumpiness! AND, if he was that way in the beginning when one is supposed to be on your best behavior, then what would I possibly be getting into?  YUCK!  No thanks!

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