Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Too Tall

Posted by Dancing Daring Delightful Diva at 9:18 PM
Another story for the books! TooTallBrian! Well, the guy was attractive and interesting on his profile and let this be a lesson to learn from! On the phone he mentioned that he modeled a time or two, but there wasn't much need for SIX-FOOT-TEN models - and my only instinct was - man, this guy could likely be full of himself! I am ON!!!

He earned brownie points by meeting me AND a couple friends for a night out - lesson learned...no friends, no alcohol on a first date! He faired well during dinner, except that he was NEXT to me and across from my two friends, so conversation steered more toward them...but he was nice, kind of funny and bought dinner for all of us.

Then on to the next place where we stepped out of the car and he had a cigarette! His profile had said NO WAY to smoking! Oh NO!!! This was the beginning of a downhill slide!

Out dancing stunk at the hiphop place, as he tried to hook up at other tables of girls 'his friend' and ignored me dancin out all sexy-like on the dancefloor...the excuse? ‘Not my kind of music’. My friends said to ditch him, but I thought, OH, one more chance...so we moved to a country bar. There, he disappeared completely and WE were looking for a ride home, got one arranged and then he appeared. So, I watched my friends closely, made a fabulous EXIT speech, turned around to grab my friend's hand and exit to her arranged ride. Only guess what? NO RIDE!!! They bailed! So, here I gave this great exit speech, told the guy off and when he and his friend came looking for us ended up taking us back to our car! How AWKWARD!!

And then the funniest thing? He marked me as 'INTERESTED' the next week on the Match.com site! WHATEVER!!!

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