Thursday, April 1, 2010


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Well, all my single ladies, I have 3 original dating rules you can find below, but I am now incorporating some NEW ones, namely some ONLINE RULES!

  1. Watch out for SHORT profiles - they don't put enough thought, time, or effort into it and how can you tell them apart without some details?
  2. Get to the meeting quickly, but also not too quickly!  Example: You don't want to be emailing for a few weeks, then maybe a phone call or two finally before you meet.  BUT on the other end, you don't want to have a connection then meet the next day either!  You want to be taken seriously and that you are worth meeting, but you also don't want to appear desperate and completely available!
  3. Watch for the men that say LONELY, or 'missing someone' and other such things!  Those are likely the desperate ones, looking for you to fill a void.  Each person should be whole, complete people looking to share some fun in life with a complimentary partner...that's it.
  4. If you email and they don't reply, leave it alone, you only want the ones interested in you anyway.  
  5. Feel free to let them take the lead & ask for your phone number, or personal email, etc...or even to meet up somewhere.
  6. ALWAYS meet somewhere, drive yourself, make it public, make it time-limited in case it does not go well.
  7. HAVE FUN!!!  This online thing is supposed to be a vehicle to MEET people, that's it!  Get to the meeting, see what happens from there, one date no harm done!  Free meal?  Maybe...
Later gals!

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