Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being Open - in ALL kinds of places!

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Well, I have decided to be open to meeting people, but have recently discovered a couple things.  People SAY there are still good men left, but nobody KNOWS any!  HA HA So here is a funny story about meeting people in all kinds of unexpected places!

I was meeting with a couple insurance agents getting quotes.  While waiting for things, small chat ensued and upon getting an idea of who or how I am, one joked that I was quite a catch!  I said after my recent ponderings over where the good men are, said "I AM a good catch, but where are any good men to match me with if there are some left then?" He said he had someone in mind and proceeded to tell me about him and got VERY excited about the possibility!  We carried on about our insurance business and I asked him WHY he thought of that guy and me - what made it click for him, what his reasons were.  He shared them and I agreed AND at the same time realized how transparent I am and come across to the world!  HA HA

Well, there was a knock at the door and I joked that it MUST be him....but it REALLY WAS - as evidenced by the other two agents getting red in the face, giggly and quiet, not quite knowing how I pulled THAT one off!  So, that left ME to say something to this poor, unsuspecting fella (who was tall, dark, handsome and intelligent like they said!). 

I introduced myself, asked who he was and let him in on the fact that we had just guessed that it would be him and that they were conspiring to set the two of us up!  We all laughed, and he didn't quite know what to do about that!  He had to run, and the one agent said "I'm talkin to you when she leaves!" HA HA
I DID be brave, left my number for him, said I was game because you never know...we'll see if he calls!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breaking the Rules!

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So, I have so many rules that all the lady friends tease me...see posts below for a fun time! 
Well, even I was bound to break one...or two.  I did!  I stepped outside my box, was logical, thought it through and then BAM...broke a rule!

My friends and I went dancing one night, and I believe RULE #1 is to NOT give my number to a guy in a bar!  You can just imagine where this is going, but here's the story...and the learning experience!

My friends and I noticed this REALLY GREAT dancer early in the evening, he was just amazing to watch...we watched, then did our own thing for some time.  I lost a friend and went to an area with a platform so I could see better, when lo and behold I was standing right next to that fabulous dancer!  Here is what we noticed, he did ANY kind of dancing, never left the floor, and never had a drink in his hand...aside from being attractive!  So, I decided to be brave and said he was a VERY good dancer, fun to watch...small chat for a few minutes later, he asked why I didn't ask him to dance, to which I replied "you were ON the dance floor the whole time!" so he grabbed my hand and asked if I would please dance with him!  We did...for HOURS!  Without leaving the floor, without that awkward leaving the dance floor after the obligatory single felt so natural, so smooth, we just kept dancing...!  Two step, jitterbug, more and more, slow and fast.  Then the music switched to hip hop and he went with that too - very well I might add!  My dream come true would be a guy who can dance! 

Well, without thinking of 'hooking up' and the 'exchanging' of numbers, I was so in the moment I was shocked when they announced 2nd to last song and we had danced for a couple hours!  I joked that it didn't seem he'd be letting me go for the last 2 songs and he replied that he'd have a hard time letting me go at the end!  He then did the usual of wanting to go hang out, grab a bite, or exchange numbers, and the whole while I was stumbling over my rules...refused to give him my number, telling him of my silly rule, to which he suggested we step outside, then I wouldn't be IN a bar and could give it to him, or I could take his number instead.  I kind of agreed! 

On our way out, I found my friend again, only to find out she had dislocated her KNEE!!!!   Well, this fella had said he was a medic and we got to find out he wasn't LYING!  He stepped up, helped for almost an hour getting her ice, wrapping her knee and helping to the car.  He even phoned ahead the hospital we were going to head to.  Then he turned to leave to let me handle it from there, and said so cute over his shoulder 'I told you I was a nice guy!" and I said I'd break my rule and give him my number and I did! 

Well, here is where my confusion comes into play - he hasn't called.  Danced for hours, not drunk, wanted my number, wanted to grab a bite to eat, wasn't lying about his profession even, called the hospital doing what he said he'd do...and yet hasn't called.  What gives?  Did he think because I wouldn't that I wasn't really interested?  The funny thing if that may be the case, is that I WAS interested...enough to break my first and foremost rule TO give it to him! 

Here's what I am defensive self-protecting ways wants to further stick to my rules now and not EVER give my number out.  The brave outside-my-box self thinks I was meant to bend or break my own rules...I made them, I saw logically that he seemed fine to give my number to him and it did break all my thinking and boundaries that I wouldn't or couldn't meet someone in a bar.  Maybe that was all that was supposed to happen, regardless of him calling...though DANCING the night away again would have been amazing, and throw in a dinner or something too!  Could have been fun! 

I guess here's to jumping back in AND breaking the rules!

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