Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little things...

Posted by Dancing Daring Delightful Diva at 8:29 AM
I have learned many things along the way - but it really is the little things that matter most. So we have to learn to SEE the little things right?  I often get teased about how enthusiastic I am about all kinds of things, and I would ask you this - isn't that the more enjoyable way to be? 
If we notice and are grateful, happy, ecstatic about most anything, my life is filled with joy, appreciation, and more and more of that builds why not purposefully look for and appreciate those things? 

So, let's see an example of someone calling in the evening for a few minutes. There are a couple of reactions:
  1. One person could be irritated or bothered that they only had a few minutes for them, or that it was late in the day, and that they are the leftovers or afterthoughts to the person who called. OR...
  2. One could be appreciative that the person calling found even a few minutes to call and visit even though they are busy, exhausted, tired, stressed - YOU were important enough to find 10 minutes to call. They think of you in the morning through the evening and wanted to hear your voice before bed.  SWEET!
So I ask - which person do you want to be? 
Change your perspective, change your thoughts, and change your life
- and it becomes far more enjoyable!

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