Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ah-ha moments

Posted by Dancing Daring Delightful Diva at 1:01 PM
We all have them, right?  A big moment that we get to say AH-HA, I get it!  Realizing some big piece of ourselves, or in others, or both, or anything in between!

I just got the pleasure of an ah-ha moment - even if it was difficult!  As we maneuver and learn in relationships and are figuring out how each other resonates, behaves, feels, thinks, all of those things - we will stumble upon something that does not work for both parties.  It often can be where we feel 'opposite' from each other - when the opposite things are where we may be weak by nature and actually attract that person to us for that reason, but it is also difficult to deal with simply because it is opposite of how we naturally operate!  Crazy world we live in!  So we get the AH-HA moment to push us outside our box and guess what?  GROW!  We get to grow from ah-ha moments!  YEAH!

So for me, I learned a lot about myself yesterday and today, as well as the other person - and I least a little.  ; ) And I will continue to grow and flourish and blossom...and as an extrovert, I can learn a GREAT deal from this introvert who needs and seeks solitude...the area I most need to grow for my being and soul to flourish.  Exciting times!  : ) 

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