Thursday, August 4, 2011

GUT reactions - and itching

Posted by Dancing Daring Delightful Diva at 9:45 AM
During my divorced life and dating, I have had the oddest experience - ITCHING on my neck if I am uncomfortable in the relationship.  While it has been slightly different with each relationship, it HAS come out and drives me CRAZY! 

So, the very first time, I was 'trying' to date and be into my now-friend and I could NOT for the life of me figure out why I was itching or when - until he joked that I was allergic to him!  Then it dawned on me that I was itching when I was around him, clearly uncomfortable!  He finally called it like it was - I was not that into him - and I did not itch from that day forward!  WOW!   Talk about a gut reaction! 

So, I have paid attention to the itching ever since!  It has been fail-proof so far...until now!  I did not itch while dating this most recent fella, and felt quite comfortable, relaxed, and was listening to my body and gut...or for me, my neck rather!  :)

This time, however, I have been itching SINCE the breakup, since the relationship has resolved, so I do not know what to do, I spoke with him to get closure and that didn't help.  I am being authentic and true to myself...which tends to be the resolution and balancing of the Throat stop the itching.  I do NOT know what is going on this time!  New territory that is for sure. 

I have many opinions when I ask others, trying to help figure out what is going on for me, what I am not being true about, authentic, or ME about!  UGH!   I am open to hearing theories and in the meantime I am using emu oils, anti-itch creams, meditation and other techniques to minimize the itch that is making me crazy!

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