Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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Another in the line-up of interested suitors was an interesting frequent traveler - He was witty, had a lengthy profile that was so intriguing - I sent him a message before I had even finished reading it!  Woohoo, this had potential!

Well, we hit it off in writing, had some travel, both him and I so there was some delay in talking on the phone, and after a few phone calls, some more travel, we finally we were able to meet....lesson learned?
  1. Photos need to be current so they are not deceiving!  he came to the door and wow was he different than his pictures looked, and once I checked again online they were from 2010, a full year between.  It was hard to recover after that, because it felt a bit deceiving.
  2. THE MEET - I have to remember not to get ahead of mysefl, it still comes down to meeting someone!  So we had delays before speaking on the phone, then more delays before meeting - that is a lot of time to 'hit it off' in those two venues, to then meet and think FAAAZZZIZZZZLE!!!  DUD!
Cutting losses, moving forward!  :)

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