Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Theory on 'Types' - where are you?

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What TYPE are you?  What TYPE do you seek in a partner? Where do you fit or NOT fit?  Here I share my theory on girl and guy types, as I have often referred to myself as 'the girl-next-door type' and it leads to interesting conversations....
  1. Super Models - aka 'hotties' and other such terminology; defined by sizzling good looks, but because the universe has to balance things out so they may not get the best in the brains department, or  might be horrible person, bitchy, douchey, lack self-confidence at the core, high maintenance, and more.  We all know at least one, right? The second they open their mouth, attraction plummets! 
  2. Girls/Guys-Next-Door - These folks, both with men and women are truly the whole enchillada - they've got great looks, plenty of brains, along with perhaps wit and humor, but may be overlooked for super model ambitions in the dating world. 
  3. Plain Janes/Joes - These are the regular ol' Joes so to speak, not horrible looking, perhaps smarter than the average bear though, and the Janes may be above wearing makeup, or just too busy or smart to bother.  Not into fashion, etc etc.  You get the idea.  On Big Bang Theory Amy Farrah Fowler is a prime example! Watch this and have fun!  Kills me! 
  4. Ugly Ducklings - now these are the folks we see that we may wonder WOW, there is even someone for them!  They were not blessed with looks or brains, and the world is full of them.  Bad teeth, coke bottle glasses, bad fashion, and no brains, or skills for that matter.  I am not certainly trying to be mean here.  Just pointing out various types.  We all have seen them, and sometimes together, that gauky boy and plump gal at the fair making out, both with horrible acne, teeth clanking together....and we wonder HOW on EARTH???  Ok, bad memories flooding back.
SOOOO, now you get the idea! IU am bringin up nothing new here...there are always exceptions of course!  The key is to know and be aware enough of where YOU are and what you want...as a good match for you.  I really AM the girl next door, and in my opionion, those are the types, guys or girls, that you want to end up with in the end...they ARE the whole package - looks, brains, wit, humor, savvy, and more....If you are single reassess who you are looking for....are you a guy-next-door seeking out the eternal holy grail of a super model?  Are you a Plain Jane smart as a whip trying to get the guy next door to notice you?  It's a tough world to date anyway, let's start by being realistic...maybe there is a Plain Joe checking you out too....

We all have to open our eyes more, become a little more self-aware and it might not hurt to watch this hilarious video clip - She's Out Of My League!  Expand my theory to a 1 to 10 scale and I should have gone to the movie makers with MY idea!  The movie is about a 10 falling for a 5, in which NOBODY can even understand!

HAHA Enjoy!
And happy fishing!
Dancing Daring Delightful Diva :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What IS a douche bag anyway?

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In recent days I have been asked "What constitutes a douche bag anyway?"
So it is my duty to define, explain and teach! ;)

Sometimes in defining something, we must first see the flip side - what a douche bag is NOT, which might be perhaps more educational and telling. In fact, I am not speaking to the men here, both sexes can certainly BE douchey, for sure! 

What a douche bag is NOT:  honest, caring, kind, thoughtful, full of integrity and honor.  Saying what they mean, meaning what they saying, doing the right thing and doing what they say.  It would seem to me like simplicity at its finest...but it is apparently NOT that simple, or we wouldn't have a world full of douche bags running around!

So to zone in on what a douche bag IS, you can even find some examples in my previous blogs like The Traveler who did not present himself as he is now, to the Fellow Parent who presented himself full of fine character when all he wanted was a booty call, and the Too Tall Guy that just encompassed so many douchey things!  In general, these men, many other stories my exhibit douchey traits such as conceitedness, exaggeration, deceit, not showing up on time, or at all, checking out other women (or men) when with a fine specimen already, and general rudeness all around.

And drop it like it's HOT because this is the BEGINNING...the BEST time when people are on their best behaviors, still trying to look good and be good - it ONLY gets worse, honest!  So RUN FORREST RUN!!!! 

Well, that's what I can express about douchey-ness, DBags, and DBs for now!
Avoid em like the plague!

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New Direction....

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Well, joy oh joy we all get to be hurt - but in the hurts is the most growth and knowledge that we alone get to move forward with.  So I am doing just that, after a few months of dating someone I thought was the real deal.  BOY WAS I WRONG! 

I learned several things -
  1. Be who you are, say what you mean, and do what you say - basically, have some integrity and respect.
  2. I need to raise my value - if I expect to be treated with some respect and worth, then I shouldn't put up with so much garbage.
  3. Regardless of a man in my life, it is full, fun and filled with people who love, support, like me and my kiddos, and clear out the rubbish sooner rather than later....if you keep Mr So-So around, then there is no room for someone better or more fitting to come along...just sayin'!
So here is to a new year and new direction, and the faith that I am one step closer to my match and partner...whom my friends said 'the special guy just for you is just taking longer to cook and be ready for you' and I shall cook up a little more too!

Onward, upward, and let's see how I can make this learning curve even better and faster!

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