Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chivalry DEAD???

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Recently I asked if chivalry was dead...we women do not get to experience it much anymore and I believe our standards have changed and it is lost.  Many things have affected the chivalrous revolution - from feminism to a desire to get back to more polite and old-fashioned dating or courting. 

BUT....what do we ladies do when we run across that rare male specimen that IS chivilrous?  We think something is wrong, it is too good to be true, it will end, and the list goes on and on.  And how about the chivilrous gentleman we speak of?  He feels like a rare bird, weird, like he would be more successful if he just acted like a jerk, and certainly feels like the nice guy always finishes last! 

My girlfriend told me once that she could not get used to her hubby opening doors and things like that and thought there was something wrong with her - that we as women get SOOOO incredibly used to the horrible and rude ways that we've been treated that being treated NICELY actually feels WRONG?????  How wrong and screwed up is that?   He promptly told her to get used to it, deal with it and he was raised that way - and she raised her standards and married the NICE GUY doesn't always finish last! YEAH...
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