Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hittin' the Road

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I love travelling....of any kind....weekend getaways....but also don't mind traveling for work.....traveling with kids.....combine them? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I have a few weeks of travel coming up for work, and this first 7-10 days I am taking my kids, so we all know what that's like. know what I have learned?  I have GREAT kids and while traveling I am more relaxed, more go with the flow...a fanTABulous combination! 

I choose to have fun in most all of life, but especially while travelling - I have been told I can make a trip to a podunk Montana town fun - true story!  Life really IS too short to not have the most fun you can grab out of it.

SO, we have packed our bags tonight, one last load of laundry, toys ready, Kindle Fires (newest thing, YEAH!) and more.  We plan ahead for what we can, but we go with the flow and wing it really.  I have prepared for work items of course, and the kids will come home with school work, the rental car is reserved, family is awaiting with a basic itinerary of what I 'have' to do, other than that????? Anything we want.  This firm  mom will allow later nights, junk food more than ever, and fun in every possible avenue...and it will BE OK! 

We're OFF!  Oh, we have 14 hours to drive and you will be delighted to know we do the first 3 hours to our former home town for a visit...last year on the  remaining 11-hour drive my kiddos made a contest to see if they could NOT watch any movies on the DVD I got them...yep, they did it...and were GREAT!  We visited, sang, played games, they brought a few toys...that was it!  Pretty great huh?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Gender??? Personality??? Both???

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Boys, girls, men, women, nature, nurture - what is the deal? Here are my thoughts...
Prior to having children of my own, I thought society placed gender differences and there were no 'natural' differences...then I had a girl, followed by a BOY...and WOW was I surprised!  The exact same bucket of infant toys - and yet they played with them differently!  My daughter would touch, look at intently, a little more calmly.  My son was attracted in the bucket of toys to ANY of them with wheels or balls and made more the vroom vroom...I was shocked!

As they have grown and grown I do see some gender differences, but also personality differences, and raised by the same mom!  I now believe it is a blend of everything that molds our youth into fanTABulous members of society - some nature, some nurture, some teaching and encouraging of masculine and feminine qualities...and ultimately??? 
We just hope we do not screw them up too badly on the way to the world! HAHA 

Here is a funny clip on the differences between the male and female brain, enjoy!
Daring, Delightful Diva... :)

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