Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inspiration and NEWness...

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Many many things and people have influenced my life, but in the last few DAYS it has been cosmically and comically amazing! 

We ALL deserve the best, correct?  So why would we possibly settle for LESS anyway?  How do we get ourselves in that position!?  We (women especially) can overthink something to death, but at times what is the harm in thinking deeply about our lives, our direction and being open to receiving sometimes needed changes?

I am just going to say it out loud - I like who I have become, who I am, and who I will be - partially because I think about my life, my actions, for myself and the affect on others - friends, family, my children, my future.  I don't want to be any different!  I joke that sometimes I'd love to go 'bumbling' through life oblivious, to give my brain a rest - but I don't want to live that way...I like the way I live.  And while I am in the health, wellness and coaching field, we all know we don't follow our own advice, so it took some nudging from the universe to make more changes, be more open, accept some things...and I'm LISTENING ALREADY!  ;)

Others around me happily or unhappily married or single, my children's needs of me, my own needs for me to grow, learn, change, live...have affected me this week, here's how:
  • A friend willing to take a risk and let go of someone 'old' and book a flight to meet someone 'new'; or another friend unhappy in her job took action, updated resume and is doing something about it to make that change!
  • Unhappily married friends teaching me what I won't settle for and that we all deserve the most minute ounce of respect - I'd rather remain single forever...
  • Someone being inspired by what I had to say or a post on Facebook, this blog, or shared over a glass of wine
  • Actions as well as lack of actions of others; either way you get to see someone's character and whole being and that's a good thing!
  • Meditating the way I see fit through a labyrinth (More on labyrinths coming up! o OK I have blogged about the labyrinths now - click here!)- unconventionally perhaps by instrumental meditation music in my ears to block out the world around me for a bit, and dancing...yep, dancing and moving my body through it - and moving me to laughter, tears, smiles, and JOY and CONTENTMENT, and inspiration TODAY - hence this blog! 
  • After the labyrinth and meditation, hitting shuffle on a playlist of 450 songs and having the first song move you to tears - thank you Jana Stanfield and "Amazing Things" 
  • Further refreshing myself on several of Jana's and others songs that inspire - If I Were Brave was the FIRST I ever heard and I am even IN this video! Others I like are All The Good, Let the Change Begin, and I'm Not Lost, I am Exploring...good stuff! :)
  • Time with my Life Coach (more on life coaching soon!) and a meditation/angel card on "Abundance" that all good is coming to me, abundance of life, love, money, career, anything...and you know what???? Believing it is KEY!!!  Thank you Alissa.  :) 
  • Spring cleaning my own house, creating order (okay any of you who have been to my house know it already IS orderly and tidy, but even I can just feel better about it and improve!) and rearranging, redecorating, purging (which is a bit difficult when you are NOT a pack rat!) and moving toward something, spring - a season of newness, growth, and joy....
Joy and Contentment - two words I set my intention to with my coach a couple months ago - and I am feeling it today!  :)

Peace, Joy and Love to all!

~Daring, Delightful Diva

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