Thursday, April 19, 2012

Labyrinths? What the...?

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I mentioned labyrinths in my previous post and they truly are inspirational to me and becoming vital to my well-being so I thought I would share a little bit about what they are, their purpose and also how to find them!

Labyrinths are often thought of as a 'maze' but the two are very distinct...while they both have a path, in a maze it is complex branching and options for your path through, and often the point of a maze is to get lost, find your way (like fun fall corn mazes!).  A labyrinth on the other hand is single path leading to and then from the center, with the point of it typically being prayer or meditation - haha, perhaps being 'lost' is a metaphor! 

There are many historical and cultural meanings, functions and purposes you can click here or just Google labyrinths, commonly it represents a journey to your center and back out into the world again, and is a right-brain activity with intuition, creativity and imagery at play - great to stretch that side of ourselves!  My personal purpose is for all of that and includes meditation, grounding, centering and peace....and more - joy, contentment, anything really! 

As pictured, labyrinths come in a variety of styles, shapes, surfaces, and sometimes circuits or rings/layers. They are found all over the world! I even found a labyrinth locator as well!  Click here to find one near you, or if you are like me and enjoy them, search for them along your travels!
Here is what I told a friend who recently tried one for the first time - just keep it simple - walk, music or no music, just do what feels right - if you are like me and dancing moves you, then it will happen...and you just simply remain open to the possibilities of what will be great!  

Happy Labyrinth-ing!
~ Daring, Dancing, Delightful Diva ~

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