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A while ago I had some heartache to recover from, so it takes a while to remove yourself from it enough to write about.  Today is that day...
I received an email newsletter and one more sign..."10 men you should stay away from and RUN!" or something of that sort...I clicked it open to see about these red flags these 'other women' should be seeing, duhhhhhh!  Well the first two were pretty obvious to me and thought 'why on earth would any woman put up with that?' But then, #3 and maybe #6 and #9 applied to this fella that I had dated and invested my time in.  It made me a bit sad, feel a bit foolish...and it reminded me that my friend and I had discussed quite a long time ago the WHY we put up with garbage being dished out and only came up with ONE answer ----- ready????------we got emotionally attached!!!  Logic had no part in it any longer because you invest yourself, your time, your hopes and heart into the possibility of love and a life with you no longer see some of these things that you LOGICALLY would tell any girlfriend to RUN FORREST RUN!!!  It opened my eyes...again, so I am grateful for that and the learning experience. 

So I even realized before this newsletter came to me, I have been 'resetting' myself, overhauling my life, reevaluating the men I have been attracting, and RAISING MY VALUE and standards for some future time or chance with someone. 

Just last week I watched He's Just Not That Into You - again...refreshed me on relationships, certain types of men, women and rebuilt my stronger convictions to NOT put up with garbage and to remember, it really IS that simple always - why would we want someone AT ALL that is not totally into us, genuinely and honestly???  I'd rather remain single forever than some of the stuff I have put up with. 

I wrote a long time ago a couple pieces after reading Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man - and the MOVIE just came out, so I took myself on a date to see it - and how good it was!  :)  While educating us women, and hopefully you men too, it was also humorous and cute too!  So if one were also wanting to refresh themselves you could check out these old blogs:  The Cookie, and Act Like a Lady too. :)

Here's to being blind-sided...NOT, and instead owning up to MY end of the deal in putting up with less than I deserved all along and allowing the behaviors to continue.  SOOOO, no more!  I will treat myself with enough respect to say 'Naaaaa, I don't need anymore of that!' ~ even if it is difficult in the moment, the long run I will thank me for it...AMEN, sistahs!

I shall wait to be someone's exception - when they quit all the games, bullshit, and drama and literally just want to BE with me, that I am special to them and they don't want to lose me, that I am no longer the 'rule' for all the women before me - and want a healthy, fabulous co-creative experience WITH ME....I AM someone's exception....someday!

Be Daring and still Delightful! :)
~Daring, Delightful Diva~

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