Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Hard Things...

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Sometimes in life we get the 'opportunity' to do the hard things for us, but may be the thing someone else needs most, even if it goes against the grain of what we want to do, who we are, or how we operate.

One thing I can admit to being difficult for me, is to allow someone SPACE...and I cannot help but feel that at times that I just keep receiving that lesson from the universe....until I LEARN IT!  Grrrrr!

Sooooo, SPACE...I operate differently most of the time, if I am stressed, having a hard time - I have learned to reach out to friends or family or loved ones for support, for ideas, for motivation, and sometimes for that slap in the face to set myself straight.  I am the same way on the receiving end....that I am there for friends, family, loved ones when THEY need anything as well.

So, why is it SOOO difficult to just sit back, to do nothing, to sit in silence, to allow someone that space?  I believe it is because you care for them, you want to help, you want to fix it, things like that.  But, maybe selfishly you also want them to want you, to need you, even if they don't know what for, but you'd like them to reach out to you as well, simply because that is how YOU operate.  And while I have good intentions 100% of the time, I am seeing that it may not come across that way.  So, offering time, comfort, ideas, anything, time, when someone wants to have space, that it simply ends up being the exact OPPOSITE of what they want or need!  UGH!  The crux of the matter. 

So what does this tell me?  I don't even fully know...other than I feel like I am being tested and failing AGAIN...and that I need to step up and DO THIS!  What's the worst thing that can happen?  Someone disappears, doesn't want you, doesn't need you, maybe even unintentionally doesn't treat you well - hopefully all of that is temporary, and I suppose if it is not, then it wasn't meant to be...and we figure out how to pick up the pieces and move onward and forward....again.

In the meantime, until that becomes clear, what can I do in the meantime?  Behind the scenes if you will?  I can pray, send good vibes, thoughts, and I can take care of myself to not stress, feel upset, and to stay positive, solution-oriented, find things that bring joy, happiness, and stay busy.  Resort back to things I have learned in my past, ways that I learned to think, use the law of attraction and more, bringing and attracting more good to me and those around me, hoping for all to benefit. 

I am hoping through space, and learning to do this for someone that I see a positive outcome, whatever that may be...I am hoping that I can 'get' this lesson and see the benefit for me as well.

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