Thursday, November 29, 2012

Outside my Box!

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I've thought for years that I live my best life when I push myself, try new things - or as I like to call it - LIVE OUTSIDE MY BOX!!!! You know...that COMFORT ZONE...the one we all get so comfy in! ;)
Well, divorce can do a world of good for some people, and I am one of them.  It's been years, but I set myself up then with rules for figuring out who I was again, and I would recommend this for everyone!  I knew that I needed to make myself do new things, meet new people, expand my horizons in order to find my passions, bliss, peace, harmony and balance, as a mom and as a woman.

So I basically set ONE RULE:  To not turn anything down that I was invited to.  Nothing.  And certainly if I hadn't been getting invited to things, or if you are not very social by nature, it can help to add that you make yourself do one thing per week, or something like that.  It worked for me and I have applied that rule for myself over and over again - new...brave, bold, SEE! 

Since then, I have gone to game nights where I only knew the hostess, ended up meeting and making friends with other folks!  SUCCESS!  So then it was on to finding activities I enjoyed - not just people.  I attend a gym, but made myself try new classes there, new hours, new new works!  Mix it UP!  And that is always good physically anyway! 

Let's fast forward to this last week - ALL NEW 100% for over a WEEK!!!!  A while back, antsy to BE outside my box some more, to grow, to learn to experience and see the world some more - I booked a TRIP!!  To see my friend that lives in Arizona near the Mexico border and I DID IT...booked it, ordered my Passport so 1) I could see Mexico that I've not yet, and 2) to GET and USE a passport for the first time!  My newness and outside my box began even before I left!  How exciting!

So, while there I was completely OPEN about what we did....I made it clear to her, who knows me well - this outside the box thinking, even on where and what we chose to EAT!  So aside for a gorgeous, nature explosion compete to Montana, which was great and new and soaking it in to my very being deep on the inside....I also tried NEW things:
  • ROCK-CLIMBED in the Arizona desert 
  • Enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner NOT actually ON Thanksgiving Day, out in the desert watching the sunset
  • Thanksgiving Dinner was VEGAN even with a Tofurkey roast and all! :)
  • Hugged a GIANT Cactus (ok, pretended to hug, come on!)
  • Learned to shoot GUNS!  And let's get real - I AM a girl from Montana so the fact that I haven't learned to shoot guns, wow!
  • BEACH with feet in the sand in November, in CA, not ever been!
  • Sea World to see WHALES, dolphins, and like a kid pet the Sting Rays too!
  • Margaritas in Mexico, along with delicious food and bargaining at all the shops
  • Thai food in San Diego Gas Lamp District
I never saw myself doing any of these things, and certainly not all in a single week - but I did and it was GREAT for my soul, my well-being!  I even was in capris and flip flops and 84 degrees, only to land at the end of my flight home to FOUR DEGREES and snow!! I did not care in the least, because I see value and beauty in that as well. 

Life is GOOOOOOOOOOD, and I highly recommend pushing your own boundaries even in little ways.  Try new restaurants, foods, activities, with or without your partner, kids, family, friends.  DO IT, I dare you!  What's the worst that could happen you ask?

Well, surely things can happen, but as Georgia O'Keefe said : "I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it stop me from doing a single thing."

So was I terrified?  Nervous? Scared? Thrilled?  YES! I am a frequent flyer to the shoulder dislocation program and feared rock climbing putting my joint at risk - it was hard, but I was with the right people, experienced, safe, knew my injury, and I DID IT....give it a try - life really is too short!  Grab it all in while you can! 
Dancing, DARING, Delicious Diva! :)

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