Sunday, January 20, 2013

What do you WANT from me???

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Well, a song by Jerrod Neiman struck my ears - after receiving a text from someone from the past - YUP!  Disappearing acts - return for various reasons all the time - WHY???

"What do you want, what do you want from me?  You keep taking me back, taking me back, to where I've already been - can't you see, what it does to me?"

I thought and pondered the reasons why someone returns and the timing of that return (happened to be the night before a DATE of all things! UGH!).  Someone shared with me this quote: "The thief of hearts always returns to the scene of the crime"- it guilt?  Curiosity? Need for closure?  Apologies?  A BOOTY CALL?  Simply checking the temperature for any of those things?  I think it can vary widely, honestly, but the point is that for the recipient - IT IS HARD - hard to see the phone number or text, knowing full well who it is, wondering immediately what they want.  Even just taking you back, as Jerrod sings - to that time, when you thought it was a great thing, good relationship, your chance, your turn, the awesomeness....and the ultimate end and hurt, even confusion. 

I have a friend who teaches a singles class for post divorce or break-up - and he read me a passage about the 'dumper' and the 'dumpee'.  In essence, the dumper has an obligation to be clear and blunt when breaking up; none of this "EASY" crap or dragging something out, or being an ass so the dumpee breaks up with them, being simply being wishy washy.  You want to break up, then DO IT!  It passes a clear and final message to the dumpee and allows them to move on easier.  Period.  Plain. Simple.  It hurts regardless, but why hurt the dumpee even more? 

I'm always unsure of what to do when you hear from someone again - there is a little girl in us that would LOVE for it to be begging for us back, wanting to make it right - AND of course that it CAN be made right!  What is UP with that?????  Messed up kind of thinking! 

In reality, I had to clarify my values, remind myself what I am worth and found myself thinking back to the blog on "He's Just Not that Into You" and "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" stuff.  Good stuff, so here it is for YOU - guy or gal!  We ought to be with people who are into us, treating us right, and we deserve respect and decency.  Walk away...NO....RUN!  Make room for someone with decency, respect, kindness.

I shall dive, dance, and delightfully MOVE ON much faster next time!
Deliciously Delightful Diva :)


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