Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blossom with the right person!

Posted by Daring Delightful Digital Diva at 12:00 AM
A nature pitstop in a community garden and labyrinth in my hometown will always undoubtedly get me to thinking...or emptying thoughts, clearing my mind - and either way it is a wonderful process!

On this particular day I was too hung up on the beauty surrounding me, that rather than meditate IN the labyrinth, I needed to try to capture some of the essence...and also ran into the community garden next to it as well! Divine!

Thoughts on blossoms, growing, and blooming came to mind as I was surrounded by this beauty, and it got me to thinking about my OWN blossoming, changing, growing and learning in life. In particular in dating! More on dating and divorce in another blog...

What I realized that day was that with the right person surrounding you, loving you, supporting you, communicating with you - we really DO blossom...or are stunted, struggle to see the light, to bloom, to grow, to breathe and simply to BE...when we are NOT with the right person, and most of the time we see that after the fact, through the learning lessons of what doesn't work, what isn't right for us.

The one you spend time with, that you invite into your world can nuture us like flowers - with water, sunshine, support, room to breathe, be, and flourish! Those other people from our past may have served as seeds for things in someone that we know we want, and also to see the weeds - the things we don't want. We do grow and learn the most during the tough times, so I have learned to be grateful for those as well and sift through the soil, the dirt, the muck and mess to figure things out.
So it is so nice that after sowing and preparing the garden, I have room to blossom and grow with someone else too - so thank you my sweet! 

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