Saturday, August 10, 2013

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old...

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Remember that song from maybe girl scouts or church camp? Well I happen to GO to camp with my friend that I've STILL known since kindergarten! I feel blessed that we are still friends, and have come through a LOT of stuff together!

KINDERGARTEN? We made it through elementary school and then moved across town and our journey did not end. Then there were moves, boy friends, sports, life...and then add weddings, a couple of babies each - yup, still connected, still ticking. Then we have life's harder edges - deaths, divorce, yet more moves. We have still come through connected somehow! YEAH! And it hasn't always been easy - some probably wonder why we are friends - because we seem so different! She is about as shy as they come, and I.....umm....not so much! ;) We don't know either and sometimes we don't 'get' it!

Well this year, we have a NEW addition, since I am dating someone (pretty wonderful!) and we all went CAMPING together! One never knows how that will go - but, meals, campfires, four-wheeling, fishing and chatting all the while - I think it went pretty damn well - and that means a lot to me - because ALL of these people mean a lot to me!

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