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Full Circle in Creative Endeavors

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National Wellness Conference - nobody that has not gone can even comprehend what goes on there, but those of us that have??? LIFE-ALTERING each and every year. This year was no different....well it was different, that's for sure - but Miss Sandy Queen that has gone for darn near ALL the 38+ conferences said to me "it's come full circle" and she was right!

I began attending in 2001, and that first year I got to experience the finale Talent Show and was brought to tears it was so inspiring!! Each year after that I would long for a talent and since I didn't have one, nor was I on stage much, I participated in things like David Roth's Instant Angelic Choir in the back row of 40 people! I was doing something - more importantly, that 'something" was my new theme - pushing myself! Or as my friend Shanen and I experienced when someone told us "I love you two, you really push yourselves outside your box" and we simultaneously looked at each other and said "WHAT BOX?" It's my thing.

So, each year I would push myself in some way or another, and in 2009 I took a women's sensuality ALL-DAY workshop with Dr. Deb Kerns - amazingness!!! AND that same year for the talent show, Lisa Medley asked me to take part in her vision of a semi-choreographed free dance called the Movement Choir! WHAT??? No way!! I'd never been on stage, taken a dance class....then I stopped myself!! I said "self? you are AT the wellness conference for goodness sake, DO IT!" Well I did!! It was so moving, that afterward I told the co-dancers that I would do SOMETHING in the talent show next year. Well, guess what I did? I took BELLYDANCE classes for a YEAR and I did perform a solo dance in 2010 at the wellness conference!

The FULL CIRCLE doesn't end there!! I performed more and more, and then in 2012 I even taught an 9-hour all day workshop and I got several ladies to perform what I taught them all day for the talent show!!! It still doesn't end there! This year, at least two people came up to me and said they signed up for the Talent Show, or took a class since last year, or tried something new because of ME!!!! WOW!!! Little ol' ME! That felt incredible that I literally inspired someone! I can cross that off my Bucket Box (yup, it's a BOX/Board on Pinterest! Follow me here).

One additional thing that Sandy mentioned in her FULL CIRCLE was that for her, with years of the conference, she has to learn in time to hand over things to others - and said with my new photography business adventure, that she could see that someday (when I'm ready to settle down at the computer sometimes to do it!) that she could pass the annual slide show of photos and memories to me - and I loved that some of my photos from all week were used in this year's final slide show....full circle.

ONE MORE thing - since my RUNNER friends took a bellydancing workshop from me last year, I've been trying another new thing - RUNNING - so I also ran my FIRST 5k at this year's conference!! More on THAT experience in another blog HERE!

So what have you done to push yourself, to try something new? What can you do today? Trust me, it feels AMAZING!!!!! Let me know! Comment here, or email me at
~ Daring, Delightful Diva ~

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