Tuesday, September 24, 2013

High School connection, families growing up...

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While I like to think that I do not age - - I am growing up - - well we all are - but you REALIZE it when you have your 20th high school reunion, right? Wake up!

I was able to connect with many people and hear stories, see pictures and realize that we all have

Kim and I reconnected at the reunion when she loved the reunion pictures, so we planned a photo shoot for her and her two VERY photogenic kiddos! What fun we had with them all over downtown with the historical buildings, trains, you name it! This is one of my favorites, and THANK YOU for the honor of capturing your family memories!!!
gotten jobs, degrees, married, divorced, had kids, etc in any certain order of course, along with many other things! It was then in seeing other's photos of their children that I realized this is part of the cycle of life and one of the many many reasons I enjoy photography so darn much!!

More of Kim's photos coming to the Diva Digital Design Facebook page, or you can see more at the Diva storage site: www.divadigitaldesign.smugmug.com and book your session today - fall is filling up fast and so much fun!!!
~Delightful Digital Diva

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spread Your Wings and Fly

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Many times in my life, or yours, we can look back...BACK being the key here. We look back and THEN we see with more clarity, more ah-ha's, and more insight. We see the bigger picture, we see how things have turned out, and do you know what I've found? That things really do turn out how they are supposed to be, and for my highest good.

That means there are sucky times that we have to sit in the hurt, the pain, even just the unknown. But, I have finally figured out that even in those times, I take the learning, the growing and the opportunity - and have learned to let myself FLY....knowing I really and truly am onto bigger and better things - whether a new job, new town, new hobby, new partner or relationship, or any such new adventure. I will continue to spread my wings, fly, and encourage you to do the same. Please reply and tell me something you have done to spread your wings and FLYYYYY!
~Daring, Delightful Diva

Monday, September 2, 2013

My WISH for you...

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Look at this shot! It took me back to childhood and making wishes with the dandelions, and also reminded me that I was asked recently to give my 16-year-old self a piece of advice, and I thought it wouldn't be anything different than I would teach my kids or WISH for them, or YOU or ME! 
So here are my WISHES for all of you!
  • Do more, be involved and TRY new things! A rule I applied when I was newly divorced and I've never regretted it once! I've met new people, made new hobbies, discovered something about myself, or someone else, good or bad!
  • Be kind to others - but also don't take any crap from anyone either - and if you learn the balance between the two, then you've got it made! We may regret it if we are unkind, so I try my best to just be that "nice girl" even though we and the nice guys may finish last. I also know Karma is a bitch if you are, so great things are coming to me! :)
  • Speaking of, Karma, I believe like thoughts attract like thoughts, and actions, deeds - so, do the right thing, and good things WILL come...they WILL! Positivity is INFECTIOUS and people often will ask how such crazy good and sometimes kooky things happen to me - it's my thinking and attitude for sure!
  • Love and love big - fearless, which can be hard at times, especially after break-ups, trials and tribulations. Being loved deeply gives you strength, but loving deeply gives you courage...
  • Relationships - DO choose wisely, and cut your losses earlier on, not that there is anything wrong with putting in work, but I have seen far too many red flags and far too late, so prefer to just accept that things are not working and not meant to be...respect and care for each other should say it all!
  • On accepting when to let go and move on - I was told long ago that it helps to think that that person simply moved out of the way of who you are meant to be and who you are meant to be with - so YEAH for that! 
  • Back in high school or earlier years, we all can care about what other people think of us so my wish is that my children figure out early on that it REALLY doesn't matter! Life is SOOO much more enjoyable and full of life when you do what you want, with whom and how! Take it all in! Besides, I've already shared with them that if someone chooses to spend their energy thinking on you, then you must be pretty awesome, otherwise they wouldn't care!
  • In college and work, find something you LOVE to do!! You will never mind making student loan payments and you will live your days as a much happier person and doing good for the world.
  • Do good for the world! Recycle, reduce or reuse when you can, refurbish, get creative and just in general be considerate of the earth, materials and people too. This doesn't mean be a nut job, just don't be wasteful! 
  • Material things are just that...material and stuff and fluff. We don't need it - simplify, and life is better - people are important in life, not things.
That's about all my wishes for you today, and caught on camera too!
Enjoy something in your day today, on this Labor Day, and try not to labor too hard ~Delightful, Daring Diva

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