Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Massacre of 2010....

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Title sounds gruesome, and what you are about to read might be as well, waaaahaha! Just kidding, sort of. You would never know it by the looks of this picture just what happened that Thanksgiving of 2010. It was a cold, dreary night...just kidding!

My parents, my sis and her hubby had decided to switch things up for Thanksgiving and travel to Utah to ol' sis' house and oh wouldn't this be FUN! Indeed it was...or at least in part!

My son threw up on the way there, and I thought nothing of it since he would sometimes get motion sickness. We were only an hour away. Then at 10 minutes from arrival he did again. Hopeful we could just arrive and get him grounded, oh he would feel better. The poor little fella headed straight for the garbage can when we hit the ground, and he did not leave it until the next MORNING...yup, every five minutes, even falling asleep in between right on the garbage! Oh how mommies do not like to see their kiddos sick, but most especially while ON VACATION! BOOOOO! I was up with him all night, doing the hopeful-head-bobbing know, the "oh, I think he's done, cjust start to doze, then WHAM...nope, up and at em again!" That proceeded throughout the night and into the morning with some sleep finally about 5am.

BAM, Kids sure do feel better when they feel better! He was up and at em in the morning, and we all had hustle and bustle preparing a nice meal and all the fixin's! We even went out to take these lovely pictures, and by evidence of these and more on that Thanksgiving DAY, you would never even have a clue what happened! Well.......we enjoyed those photos, play time, and a delightful meal, most of us together at my sister's home!

She and I even headed out for some shopping, and then in the morning the middle of JC Penney and without warning I had to make a RUN for the bathroom! Oh it hit me like a ton of bricks...and I proceeded to go home and lay on the couch alllllll day, only to rise ever 15-20 minutes to rid my body of the last possible anything left within me. I cannot recall a time except once in junior high school that I had been so sick! UGH! And, of course the BEST part, was being sick on a vacation, and IN SOMEONE ELSE'S home and trying not to breathe or touch anything! Each time to the bathroom, we would wipe everything down on the way out! Oh it was awful! At least everyone else hadn't gotten it....

Well, at bedtime, my mom said "honey, you should at least move to your bed it's bedtime" WHAT? An entire DAY and evening had passed? Who took care of my kiddos, who fed them, what did they eat? I had NO recollection of anything! Nada, zip, zero, zilch! Man alive was I sick!! So, I grabbed my bucket, balanced myself to head downstairs to the guest room. And I begged my sister to help me get them to bed, which she was in the process already, and she said "Houston, we've got a problem" and as I glanced down the hallway, what did I see? My daughter with her head in a bucket groaning....OH NO!!!! I wasn't even done being sick myself!! I was clearly incapable of caring for them, I figured if she threw up I would gag and throw up again myself, oh was I in for a long and delirious night!

Here's a funny part - my daughter is admittedly the 'weeny' of the bunch and she actually made me laugh during this when she said "Oh oh oh mom, you have to take me to the doctor, what I have is soooooo much worse than what you and Owen had..." I stifled my giggle even while hanging onto my bucket and said "suck it up ya silly girl and get ready to PUKE!" what more could I say? She needed a little tough love right then, and I didn't really have much empathy left in me!

Well, at least her time frames were farther apart and I did feel better myself, and we did get SOME rest, but boy oh boy what a Massacre that was! And you know what??? That morning we bleached everything we possibly could in my sister's home, washed rags, towels, bedding, you name it. And NOBODY ELSE got sick - admittedly my parents took off a day early wanting to avoid the plague, understandable, but thank goodness nobody caught what we brought!

AND, having just arrived back from a weekend jaunt to visit my sister and her hubby again, we got to have a successful NON-ill trip, so PHEW!!!!!! Now you know the rest of the Paul Harvey would say!
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh what a birthday present ;)

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What a birthday present this fella got this year!! It is such an honor to be part of one's life in the littlest ways and help someone make a very special and intimate gift.
But there's MUCH MORE....

Being comfortable in the health field, approachable, easy-going and a women's advocate seems to have affected one line of my photography business - the DARING DIVA collection! 
My very first official photo session was for a wedding gift, and I have done many since!  Each Diva session is fun, amazing and I see or learn something new about women from all my Diva's!

So what an honor to be part of someone's ah-ha, to inspire someone, to help someone feel beautiful, get comfy, let go of the nerves and have FUN behind the camera for themselves and the recipient of the photo album!! AND what fun to create the final product to WOW the Diva AND have a very special gift for someone too - what a birthday this fella got! :) Contact me today to feel sexy & beautiful!
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