Friday, November 22, 2013

Gratitude, Karma and Serendipity all rolled into ONE Make-Your-Day Story!

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Not only is it FRIDAY, which is a great feeling - wrapping up a busy work week, looking forward to the weekend kind of day.  We have a story that will make you feel GREAT to boot!

A week ago my friend and I met before work for breakfast, and in walks an elderly lady to join her friend as well.  Well such as it would be, she felll down the stairs, and could not get up!  We ran over to assist, took charge to advise her to go to the ER - something this post-surgical hospital floor for years gal does NOT advise lightly...EEEK!  Her ankle was swelling quickly within a minute and did not look good!  She agreed and the two of us with another diner gent helped get her across the restaurant, back up another flight of stairs to the sidewalk level to her awaiting friend in the car to deliver her little damaged foot to the doctors.

Well, I know you must be wondering, as we were too - WHAT HAPPENED?  In those situations we are often left wondering about the outcome!  Kind of like when I dislocated my shoulder on the plane in front of a flight full of passengers...I think wowsa, what happened?  So we tried to check with the restaurant and see if anyone notifed them.  Indeed they had.  She had a terrible break, dislocation of the ankle and even a tibia break too, which resulted in 2-3 days' stay, surgery, pins and plates, and 8-weeks ordered of no weight bearing on her poor leg! Yowsa! 

Well lo and behold, today a week later, and I ran over there for a cup of coffee, and wouldn't you know at that EXACT same moment, a gentleman came in and I heard my NAME Serendipity!  He asked if I had helped his Mom when she fell and broke her ankle, so indeed I was one of them, yes.  Well, this fine upstanding citizen handed me cards for me and my friend since we work together anyway, and in it was a lovely THANK YOU note and a gift card to the restaurant!!!  Oh I about cried!!!  That is so sweet of her to send and for him to seek us out on behalf of his mom - and there is another card with a gift card for the other dining patron gent that assisted us too.  :) 

This goes to show you SOOOO many things - gratitude, helping others without expectation, just thos efeel-good-make-your-day moments.  And to boot, it doesn't hurt that the two fellas that insisted on ordering instead of letting the waitress help by gathering ice for her quickly swelling foot...well, they didn't get nothin'! ;)

Have a WONDERFUL Friday, Weekend and do something kind for someone...just because!
~Delightful Digital Diva

Monday, November 18, 2013

Daring Dancing Diva TOOOO.....Daring Delightful Digital Diva

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One thing I like is FREEDOM creatively, and to be honest moving my blog to my photography website was not allowing me that freedom. I mean, really ONE photo per blog left or right??? Not for me.  Maybe I have two favorites, maybe I want it in the middle of the page. 

Soooooo, I'm taking it back!   I'm keeping my 'old' blog, now new again, freshened and will continue to tell stories from womanhood, parenthood, dating, photography, kids, life, love and more! 
Here we go!!!! Let's focus on the positive, capture things through thought and image...and we'll take another shot!

~Delightful Daring Digital Diva

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