Friday, December 13, 2013

Meeee Time is always important

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One of the things I am still ever-grateful for as an outcome of my divorce was finally learning the value of taking care of ME.  I was insanely burnt out, old, haggard, frumpy, and taking care of everyone else, so I lost myself.  Like many, I didn't know who I was, I didn't know what to do with my free time, I couldn't remember what I liked to do, so I spent some serious time figuring that out.  It was fun, valuable, and many learning lessons too! 

I set some rules, such as never saying NO if I was invited to something!  I have met the most wonderful people and friends that way, or learned a new thing I like to do.  Oh man, did I experiment with myself in so many ways - dating, hobbies, passions, creative outlets.  THE biggest thing that has come from these years in figuring it out - is that I HAVE to have a creative outlet AND have to push myself or be striving in some way.  I have bellydanced, presented to large groups, travelled, tried new things, met new people, and the latest was/is RUNNING.

Along the way, I found that one of the things I love and found value in, peace, calm and more was Labyrinths.  You might not know what that is, but I wrote a blog on them here as well as one on my own personal experience in them here, but the gist is that they are kind of like a maze but NOT - one path in, one path out, no getting 'lost' per se...

Well a little while ago, I discovered that there IS a labyrinth in my home town now!  It is simple in all it's glory - white pain on an old parking lot...but it exists and is in my town, so I can go anytime!  Do I have a lot of time?  NOOOO! But knowing I can go anytime I want is comforting to know.  To de-stress, meditate, move my body, anything! 

Find your joy, your peace, your creative outlet, your calming "thing" and you will grow and be a better person for it!
~ Delightful, Daring, Digital Diva

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Connected Disconnect along our travels

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Have you ever wondered or thought how disconnected we are, yet with technological advances attempting to 'connect' us?  I do all the time!

I watch people everywhere, tied to their phones, checking who knows what when they are clearly with other people! You know who they are:  the couple dining together but both on their phones, the walk and texters, the teen at the dinner table texting friends or playing games, and the most obtuse example I have was while travelling in airports! 

 The Minneapolis Airport is now DESIGNED for all this technology believe it or not! I walked to my gate and was stunned, quite literally (I even stood there staring like a kid!). There were tons of tables and chairs, bars and bar stools ALL with iPads, electrical connections!  And to boot, the people were all singles sitting at the 2-person tables anyway.  So, we have just set up an airport to be similar to the movie "Wall-E" with screens in front of us, removing the human interaction, the connection, and keeping us plugged in. 

So what happened to visiting with people, hearing a great story on where they are headed or coming from?  How about talking while at the gym on machines side by side?? people have the TV, headphones and a magazine or book. 

I find it appauling and have been trying to DIS-connect better - for my kids, my sweetie and my friends. I prefer attention, focus, and a more 'real' connection, not some distracted, multi-tasking version of an "um hmm", "yeah" or "ok". 
What are YOU going to do today to make a real connection, disconnect from your technology, including iPad, iPod, iPhone, iCrap, Droids and more?????
~Delightful Daring less-Digital Diva ;)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Moment "Mishaps" Make the Most of Memories

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We try to capture the BEST shots with the camera, and sometimes the funniest and cutest ones are the natural, silly, funny, awkward, bring out the laughs ones!  I love to throw some of those in for clients too for the fun of it! 

 One of my favorites is this gigantic attempt to catpure my redheads lying in the gress head to head like people do....WELL, if you only knew how very sensitive their eyes are to the sun, oh my!  Well,we decided to get down there, and do the 1-2-3 OPEN their eyes....and THIS is what we got!!!!  HAHA!  The 'bright, bright, my eyes are burning' with squeals and protests ended up being hilarious!!  I love this picture for me as a mom because of the story behind it and what it means to ME. 1-2-3-OPEN! 

Same goes for how many pictures do we get of siblings fighting, arguing, wrestling, teasing, poking and prodding??? Many!  Save a few for fun memories...and for my daughter this will be even MORE funny when her brother is big enough to grab her around the neck! ;)

So, don't throw out the good, bad or ugly ones because while you may not order a large canvas wrap with it, they DO create and capture funny memories and inside jokes! HAHA
Happy Camera-ing!
~Delightful Daring Digital Diva

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