Saturday, December 7, 2013

Connected Disconnect along our travels

Posted by Daring Delightful Digital Diva at 7:00 AM
Have you ever wondered or thought how disconnected we are, yet with technological advances attempting to 'connect' us?  I do all the time!

I watch people everywhere, tied to their phones, checking who knows what when they are clearly with other people! You know who they are:  the couple dining together but both on their phones, the walk and texters, the teen at the dinner table texting friends or playing games, and the most obtuse example I have was while travelling in airports! 

 The Minneapolis Airport is now DESIGNED for all this technology believe it or not! I walked to my gate and was stunned, quite literally (I even stood there staring like a kid!). There were tons of tables and chairs, bars and bar stools ALL with iPads, electrical connections!  And to boot, the people were all singles sitting at the 2-person tables anyway.  So, we have just set up an airport to be similar to the movie "Wall-E" with screens in front of us, removing the human interaction, the connection, and keeping us plugged in. 

So what happened to visiting with people, hearing a great story on where they are headed or coming from?  How about talking while at the gym on machines side by side?? people have the TV, headphones and a magazine or book. 

I find it appauling and have been trying to DIS-connect better - for my kids, my sweetie and my friends. I prefer attention, focus, and a more 'real' connection, not some distracted, multi-tasking version of an "um hmm", "yeah" or "ok". 
What are YOU going to do today to make a real connection, disconnect from your technology, including iPad, iPod, iPhone, iCrap, Droids and more?????
~Delightful Daring less-Digital Diva ;)

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