Monday, January 20, 2014

Find Out What He's INTO......mmmmmm ;)

Posted by Daring Delightful Digital Diva at 2:18 PM
OHHHHH Valentine, how I love thee, let me count the ways....  Expressions of love are so much fun and should be everyday.  While I may not like the commercialized ways that Valentine's Day has become, there is one of MY personal favorites for gifts - that is not overly common like flowers, candy, and blah blah blah.  Don't our men find us sexy, beautiful and love how we look?  Why shouldn't we too?  They ARE into YOU....

I have had more women take the plunge, be bold, be brave, and have incredible amounts of FUN - with a Daring Diva photo shoot.  What's the most fun for me is bringing out the self-image for the woman - feeling beautiful, gorgeous - the parts that the men already feel about you! But, I also LOVE helping each Daring Diva figure out what HE is into as well! This gal's man is a big gamer, so why not have a little fun with that, AND wearing his favorite shirt?  Then she chose to follow it up with his gift being a calendar since he's a mechanic and would love it in his garage or shop! That makes the BEST combo! a win-win-win!

So find out what your partner is into, pull together some favorite things and let's get together for some Daringly Delicious photo fun for a creative and incredibly thoughtful gift this Valentine's!
~Daring, Digital Diva
Find some samples HERE and click on Daring Divas - then contact me - you know you want to!  

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