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Maya Angelou - teacher of women, men alike

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You may have heard, you may not have heard - Artist, author, spokeswoman for equality, rights, and peace, Maya Angelou has passed away today.  I did not read everything she wrote, but what I read, I found peace, wisdom and for all that she endured, WOW is all I can say. 

She was not an angry woman, full of hate at the world who treated her so poorly or the way and time she grew up.  She chose differently, and chose to break the cycle. I watched her from afar, catching quotes, video clips, appearances, and her general presence in the media.  She was famous, yes...but she did not act like the trash we get to see on TV and in the 'news' - she was to my knowledge, always dignified, wise, calming, kind and good natured to a fault, peaceful just to watch.

She and her wisdom, yearning for peace will carry on through others, and I know the world has become a better place with her in it....and her essence will be carried on...

Some of my favorite quotes from Dr. Maya Angelou and what I've learned:

Do the best you can until you know better - why would we know better and still behave the same way?  What kind of self-improvement is that?  Do something better today.

Looking back on feeling REJECTED vs REDIRECTED - when have we ever looked back and seen that it really was better back then?  Not me.  I look back and think PHEW I avoided this or that, or I got to experience this great thing or meet this great person.  This is especially true in DATING and I cannot tell you enough.  LET GO of people who do not serve you, open the door for the next great person, and help redirect yourself to where you are meant to be.  Life is grande.

Also in dating as with the rest of life, remember that people show you their true nature, one way or another.  Soooo, if someone fills you full of lies and excuses, Listen, then let them go.  If someone you are dating loses their job and breaks up...let them go, since that is not someone that you are meant to get through life's challenges WITH...let them go.  If you meet people who are unkind to others, gossip, talk ill of others, LISTEN and choose to surround yourself with better people.  Listen to people's true nature.  The kindness one shows when nobody is looking, the generosity, the thoughtfulness even in this busy world. LISTEN to the good and bring more in, LISTEN and let go of all you don't need.

Normal...what IS normal anyway and why do we strive for it?  Why not blaze our own trail, make paths, be leaders.  Once you let go of what others think of you, how you 'should' act or be, then life really is more amazing.  We have to figure our way there, teach others around us.  We have to dance crazy in the middle of the store in front of our kids to make the point, so be it.  We do our own thing, find new hobbies, give new things and new people a try.  Life is exciting, rewarding and breathtaking when you let go of the notion of NORMAL and just BEEEEE YOU...BEEEAUTIFUL you. 

 We cannot forget how others make or made us feel, but how we also have the power of how we make someone feel.  We might forget the words, the actions, but not the feelings tied to emotions.  This reminds me to be kind with my words and actions, but also how I make someone FEEL...And for me, this one reminds me to make people feel WORTHY...of my time, my actions, and my attention.  So give people your time, your attention, set the cell phone down and interact with humans around you. 

 Another dating lesson learned - is to not make someone a priority when you are only an option.  Value and self-worth can be tough lessons to learn, and how many times do we give people chances?  How many apologies do we give?  When do we stand up and say "I'm worth it" and raise our standards?  I had my learning lessons - being stood up, disrespected, yelled at, called names, finding time for everyone or everything but me.  Here's what I learned. I can't make something work by myself, and if it's meant to work, it will without daily effort and strife and struggle. Here's the biggie - when I raised my standards and started teaching people how to treat me, and respected myself enough to expect respect...then I stopped dating the wrong kind of man for me. When a woman stops asking herself why she keeps dating jerks....and instead quits picking the jerks, then life really is different on the other side.

So, here's to you, Maya Angelou - on teach everyone, and especially women how to respect ourselves and others, stand up for what we believe, be more kind and generous, get educated and so much more.
~Daring, Delightful, Digital Diva

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