Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I MIGHT be a runner...IF...

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Well, RUNNING has been my 'new' thing for a while now, and yet I do not consider myself a runner. I had an AH-HA moment yesterday and perhaps I am close to admitting that I am a runner.

SO why don't I consider myself a runner you ask? I stink at it!!! It does not feel natural, it is hard for me, I am not efficient at it. I looked like a curvy belly dancer in the beginning, haha! It does not feel OF ME...yet. That is shifting and here is some help for me:

- I take a picture with my first race bib? (which was July of 2013! almost one year ago exactly today!)
- Have completed a half marathon and not 2 minutes later while in pain I could admit that it was my FIRST half marathon?
- I have planned a trip or two around a race?  First one was Rock N Roll in St. Louis with these fine folks >>>
- I plan my week around training schedules and when to fit runs in
- I have my medals hanging up in my room - yup, like a kid who participated in science fair - I earned these puppies and they remind me why I run - or keep me going when I want to sleep longer!
- I take pictures while out on races - having fun with people, collecting cool t-shirt quotes, taking in the sites, sounds and smells, along with friends to run with making it all that much more enjoyable!
- I have "runner friends" an all new category for me :)
- I have something in common with people all over - and  you stop someone with a shirt from a race you are signed up for that they've clearly done - just today!
- I have more workout clothes in the dirty laundry than anything else
- I spend more money on special fitted running shoes than high heels
- I use a training app, GPS app, FitBit and more to know my pace, distance, speed, you name it!  ANNNNND, 4.89 miles is NOT 5!  HAHA
- I hit a long run and hit over 15,000 steps before 10:00 am on FitBit - before anyone else is awake!

And you are probably wondering which of these was my big
AH-HA moment?  Well, this weekend after wake boarding for the first time on Saturday, I could barely roll over in bed so sore - and I still found myself trying to get up to squeeze in a run - and cranked out almost 4 miles even that sore. 

Soooo, I had this thought on that run this weekend, a little sore, loosening up my body, feeling the cool air in the morning, running in the sunshine -

~Daring, Delightful, Digital RUNNING Diva :)

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