Monday, September 15, 2014

Plus One - "Meet"iversary

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It seems my most popular post has been One Year of Plus One so I figured I may provide an update to appease your likeness. People must love a love story :)   Today is our "Meet"iversary - we met two years ago and my my have things changed! For the better I might add! Might as well capture the story for us all too!

So, as I (or we) tell it - Two years ago I was meeting my friend Matt for an adult beverage at the Headframes Spirits, a local distillery 'tasting room' - NOT a bar, since I would never in a million years meet my man in a bar!!  ;)   Apparently Matt was kept late at work and was running late.  That didn't stop me from grabbing a seat at the bar and to this nice gentleman on the end, who struck up a conversation with me.  Well, 30-45 minutes later Matt arrives and simply joins in the conversation, which turned around to sushi, among other topics.  Matt 'accidentally' wingman'ed that night to say "oh hey we should all grab sushi sometime, I've got to run, why don't you two exchange numbers and we'll make that happen!" Well-played my friend, well-played!  So we did!

Then he was following me home!!!  WHAT??  Could he be a creeper, what was going on?  Then he turned a block from my house - PHEW!  He texted me that very night - none of this waiting 3-4 days to play it cool!  I asked him where he lived and we discovered that we only lived ONE BLOCK apart on parallel streets!  How convenient as we began hanging friends. 

Due to many reasons - a recent break-up, his divorce not being final, an impending move to Pittsburgh on his part - I threw my love in the infamaous FRIEND ZONE!!  I know, I know!  Every guy hates to hear that word!  It worked out, trust me - the guy GOT THE GIRL in the end!  In fact, at a graduation party one of his friends said "dude, you're in the 1%!!!" so I asked what the 1% referred to, and his friend enlightened me that he was a rare case that less than 1% of men actually come out of the Friend Zone!  Well, long story short, everyone has been happy for us both, to find someone, and it doesn't matter to us that we did grow out of friendship first and only.  We got to truly know each other without so much as a kiss getting in the way first.....

ANNNNND because he is such a gentleman, I did have to make that first kiss happen...he was surely respecting the Friend Zone - though I am sure he sensed long before that I wondered and he decided to torture me.  But, I respect him for respecting me and we've been together ever since that first kiss, and have bought a house and moved in together with all our kiddos - the HyattBerry Bunch!  :)

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