Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, More Changes!

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Since moving exactly exactly 4 years ago to the DAY, I have spent some time reflecting on my life, my year, my move and the many changes and happenings that occur each and every year.  Some people may do this at this time anyway, but let me tell you it is hard not to reflect on a time that you took a chance on a job, knew nobody, and moved just you and two little ones to a whole new town for the first time in your LIFE!   Let's reflect...shall we?

2014 has been wonderful and full of challenges both, which I do always find value in - would we know or fully experience the good times and feelings without some imperfections along the way?  I think not...

This year has been full of BIG changes -
  1. Shoulder rebuilt in January, so stuck in a sling for 6 solid weeks, then months of rehab, but released fully in June and on my way!
  2. Bought a house with my sweetie and fully integrated all our 2+3 kids together under one roof! WOWSA, given what it is and the whole 'blended' thing, it has gone very well and the kids all love each other, and in our hearts are a family, JOY!
  3. Ran my second half marathon in July, followed by my FIRST mother of all relays - the Hood To Coast - 199 miles from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon - what an adventure of a lifetime and I guess we are IN for 2015 too - so training began this week, oy!
  4. Fall is beyond busy for us with 2 boys in football, big guy & little guy, and two girls in volleyball, junior high and freshman team.  Fun and so great to cheer them on and watch them improve each game!
  5. November I had my gall bladder out, and then turned around to head to Billings for my dad's open heart surgery.  We are blessed that things were caught pre-emptively and not emergent, and I will write a post shortly on this experience too - love my pops! :)
  6. Winter and December have proven to be quite amazing and have closed out 2014 with a proposal to marry my love on 12/19!  This will open the doors to 2015 and a wedding of some kind - engagement, proposal and wedding plans coming in another post! ;)  
ALL IN ALL, the year has had so many blessings, good times, fun, friends and family and I value it all - and reflect upon moving here to good ol' Butte, Montana and to this crazy family of mine!
Blessings to you in 2015 and beyond!
AND here's to more writing again! 
:-) Daring, Delightful, Developing Diva


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