Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Art of Allergic Reactions and Well-being

Posted by Daring Delightful Digital Diva at 8:26 AM
Perhaps you have been wondering what happens to me when I have an allergic reaction? OH you haven't??? Let me show you anyway. ;)

Instead of hiding in my home or basement dwelling office at work so that nobody sees me...I've decided to take pictures (which do NOT do it justice!)

My neck gets inflamed, full of rough skin and hives, and in general make me want to rip my skin off! Ice packs help soothe the burning sensation. And I look and feel pretty hot...NOT! I want to cover it up with a scarf so nobody can tell, but that makes it hot and physically uncomfortable.  So it is what it is, until it is healed.

The other joy is that shortly after my neck flares up, more toxins flush out my body through my eyes. And one or both swell up...This is actually fairly good today. It didn't swell completely shut! I can see out of it, and make it to work, only to avoid being seen of course! 

I choose to believe that my body is flushing out the last of toxins this week, as I've spent a week overhauling my home and office from formaldehyde-filled products. The problem I have had is that my exposure point could have been 7-10 days ago, then the hives and eye last a day to three, so for 2 weeks this can be brewing, when I haven't known what I was reacting TO! Now I know, have cleaned up my environment at home and work, and will believe that this is IT!!!!!

This will stop. This will be something I will laugh at...someday. My skin and eyes will be healed as I buy and use better products for my body from head to toe.

What I have realized is this:  While allergies may seem minor, and I may have poo-pooed people with allergies to everything...they ARE infectious to your life.  As an allergen infects you, causes reactions, it also affects not just your physical comfort, but your well-being, and well-doing.  Your time is spent on it, your concentration at perhaps thinking of one more thing that you hadn't thought of:  creams, lotions, products, acupuncture, massage, detoxes, you name it. You can bet I feel sexy as hell with my husband too!  As it affects you, so it affects your life.  And it is a ridiculous ALLERGY for pete's sake!

So today will be filled with healing thoughts, vibes, prayers, detoxing and flushing this out of me. I look forward to Thanksgiving with my family, looking normal, laughing, and enjoying, hopefully with a little makeup and all pertied up!

Disdainfully Dreaded Allergy Sufferer, aka
Daring, Delightful, Digital Diva

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