Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Took a chance on a job, a town, and a new life...five years ago!

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Each year, typically on New Year's, I reflect on my life, since FIVE YEARS ago I packed up my house and moved my two kiddos to Butte.  Five years has flown!  From the kindergartner and fourth grader and single mom to now....married with three bonus kids, a full house, and loving my personal life.

This year marks five years with my company, so I will reflect on my work life. 

I love working for my company and I love my job - the actual job that I do, that often people don't have a clue what I do!  Just like seasons in a year, I have a cyclic year - from health screenings and assessments, to programming and incentives.  Then throughout the year, I get to see results - the changes taking place. There are things about my job that I don't like, of course, but I have been blessed to find the thing I love in life - to help people live healthier, fuller, happier lives. And I am good at what I do.  I don't need, but have received, awards, accolades, speaking 'gigs', etc. That matters not as much as one might think.  

The things that matter to me are the people. Since I am a contractor onsite with this client, nobody knows that I have been there for five years, and that's to be expected.  No work anniversary around the people that I work with everyday, no 5-year mug that you see getting passed around.  And that's ok.  I see the weight that was lost, the energy and life that were found, and the smile on people's faces.  

We just moved into a new building and while I get to acclimate to a cubicle vs an office (OY), I am finding utter joy in being around nice, caring, funny, and welcoming people.  That is refreshing!  Better than not being invited, or worse yet, uninvited to one department's things, or maybe worse yet PAYING to then not be invited, haha! At least I can laugh...and perhaps I can think that some people waste energy on little ol' me...haha! 

It's also nice to see that they built the facility with health and wellness in mind - bike racks, attractive stairs that people ARE TAKING, ice and water machines, refrigerators, a wellness fridge, and much more!  

This is where I am today - five years later. My company let me choose a five-year anniversary gift and it arrived today.  It's just a thing in reality, but it signifies more to me - five years since taking a chance on a job, a company, a town, people, and a life...I will wear it with pride.......

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