Thursday, February 4, 2016

Take the High Road

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One evening, I was discussing with my daughter her day.  It was filled with mean girls and why they pick on people.  You know, the same elementary, junior high and high school drama that all of us as parents have been through.

Then she asked me: "Mom, when does the drama end????"  

With that one question I laughed and realized I had a teachable moment here.  Do I sugar coat it that life will no longer have drama queens when you are done with high school?

Or do I prepare her for a LIFETIME of drama? I chose to be real...after I laughed given my day. Just that very day I had two instances of mean girls, unwelcoming, and kicking me out of Brownies so to speak...which happened in first grade!

I shared that some people never grow up, are bitter, angry, unhappy souls that just lash out at others. They pick...and they may pick until they are 40-50-60 years old. We hoped that it ends at least by the time we are 70, but I'm not so sure!

The lesson is this: WE take the high road. You will never regret taking the high road. You will not look back and say "oh I wish I didn't take the high road". It doesn't happen. EVER.

Taking the high road is a conscious choice.
A choice to be gracious.
A choice to have class when faced with the unclassy.
A choice to be the better person in spite of meanness.
A choice to do the right thing regardless of others.
A choice to take the road sometimes less traveled.

I made the choice to take the high road, and I hope my daughter and her friends continue to as well. Besides, the view is much better on the high road! Good views, good times - and good brings about more good!

Discontented, Discouraged..........NOT!!
Daring, Delightful, Digital Diva ;)

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