Friday, April 22, 2016

Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful...YESSSS!

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Glasses, or primarily contacts, have served me for 27 years...until I had LASIK eye surgery done last week.  Life is a VERY different viewpoint now...

I always felt like those that could see without going bump in the night, or not prying contacts out of tired eyes, or swimming without troubles were utterly blessed.  I never could get used to glasses, so as a freshman in high school I begged for contacts and the world was a better place.  And last year I started having major allergies - my eye or eyes would swell shut!  That meant glasses again, and also maneuvering around icing, swelling, glasses, and/or contacts. 
So I bit the bullet last week and decided to go for LASIK!  What a sense of power those with clear vision have I'd thought in the past!  To wake and SEE, to be in rain and SEE, to swim and SEE (ok, not yet, but you get the idea!)!  It is not only power but FREEDOM!!!

While that is in actuality one freaky procedure, and I think they have a ploy on it - to make you wear glasses for 3 weeks prior to surgery ONLY makes you appreciate it more if you hate glasses!  That is a LONG LONG LONG three weeks!  So I will continue for some time to come to appreciate the little things...

The other night I rolled over to say goodnight and I giggled with delight!  I saw the clock light on the ceiling from my husband's alarm clock - for the first time!  You see, for me, that has always been a red cloud of light up on the ceiling and now I can SEE it - as in NUMBERS!  WOW! 

I believe after 27 years, it will take a while for this feeling to fade, along with the feeling that I should take my contacts out at bedtime, and I hope I continue to appreciate clear sight as I do today.  Life is more fun in an appreciative mode anyway.  So only sunglasses for me these days and complete freedom for my face!  ~@@~


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