Friday, August 5, 2016

SORRY....not sorry!

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I've recently seen a lot of information out there about apologizing TOO much, and I would agree! I had a call with a friend that made me see this clearly.  She received a call from her husband while on the phone with me that she had to take.  Simple. Easy.  She said she would call me right back, no worries right?  When she called me back, she immediately said "I'm sorry..." and then guess what???

She caught herself apologizing for something that didn't need to be - she rephrased and said "THANK YOU"!  Thank you for allowing me the time to see what the plan was with her husband for dinner.No apologies needed!

Now in the past, I have written on apologies, because people stink at apologizing - read that here for how to make and accept a proper apology. That is not for now, when we over apologize!  Check out this article in the New York Times. It's spot on.

I have been working on this issue and have caught myself also saying SORRY for things that don't need to be said for! Save apologies for the real times to actually apologize for something - from little bumping into someone, to hurting someone's feelings.  Of course you have to recognize when something is off or wrong in order to apologize, but that's a whole 'nother blog! Haha!

For some reason this has been found to happen more prominently with women.  I love the recent Dove and Pantene campaigns that are positive toward women and girls (ok, not sure about their products, see my allergy to formaldehyde issues ugh! Not a plug for products). Pantene did an ad for Sorry Not Sorry to stop saying it for every little thing! Check it out here: PANTENE VIDEO for their #ShineStrong campaign. 

Here's the deal - say sorry for what you need to, those heartfelt moments for apologies and rephrase your thinking on SORRY NOT SORRY - You can say many other things instead of sorry:
  • Thank you... As in 'thank you for your patience' instead of 'sorry I'm always late', or 'thank you for understanding'
  • Let me ask... Excuse me... Pardon me
  • Whoops...You can own a mistake that is minor, and take responsibility without apologizing.
  • Okay...Say ok and just do it with any request instead of "Oh sorry, I'll.."
  • It's unfortunate...
  • How sad...
Be strong women - apologize when needed and not a moment more!
Sorry for the long rant - NOT SORRY! :)  Instead?  Thank you for reading!
Daring, Delightful, Defiant, "Not Sorry" Diva

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