Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Desperately Done and soon-to-be Diploma'd

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Image result for completion quotesI've been away a while. A long while. What have I been up to you ask? Obtaining my MBA and Marketing degree apparently. Learning and writing about social media instead of writing this blog on social media!

I feel weird. I feel I may be over-reacting? Then again, I live my life in sunshine and rainbows, excited over a new deodorant! I wouldn't have it any other way, life is more FUN that way!

But, I recognize that I am not the only one who has completed a master's degree. I am not the only one who has worked around a full-time job. Or children. Or four or five of them. Or a husband. Or a newlywed husband. Or hobbies, or friends, or travel, etc. I am not the only one who chose to put a honeymoon on hold. So WHY, oh WHY is this feeling like such a big deal to be DONE? Next week cannot come soon enough! What am I looking forward to?

THE LITTLE THINGS! Seriously. the. little. things.
coffee. breathing. slowing down. wine. mindfulness. anything. i. want.

While I feel that I have not "given up" a whole lot while in school for two years solid (with only Christmas break!), I feel that the time management of myself is what has sustained that ability. The ability to fit in date nights, attend all the kid activities, even do things with friends and travel. Mostly me, myself, and I paid the price. The early mornings on weekends while everyone else slumbers. The reading school work on lunch breaks, while waiting, on my phone, iPad, or computer, or while traveling. Taking lunch breaks to get homework done.

Image result for first i drink the coffee quoteSo what am I looking forward to next week when I am COMPLETE???

  • Of course, I am in wellness, so I am already counting on my exercise increasing, as well as meditation and mindfulness activities! I can't help myself! SLOWING down. Period. In soooo sooo many ways. 
  • I am high energy, don't get me wrong, but slowing down is so good for me! Enjoying that cup of COFFEE on the patio on a weekend morning...instead of reading school work with that cup of coffee because I have to. 
  • Coming home from work and SLOWING down, not rushing the kids through their day, what happened, what's due, or what they need...before jumping to homework. 
  • Having the kids hang out with me at the kitchen peninsula while IIII start and make some dinner! 
  • Speaking of dinner, I discovered an app called #BigOven that I LOVE, that gives me ideas, healthy, rate recipes, edit them, save them and ENJOY cooking. Yea, I am looking forward to enjoying cooking! Again, SLOWING down...after work. 
  • I am looking forward to SINGLE-tasking! You would not believe my workspace, with two computer monitors, iPad with my resources, phone and paper out. I have already been practicing SLOWING down - with less tabs open, less interferences, and less....less. LESS! 
  • READING - for real, paper books, kindle books, not just Audiobooks because I can listen while I drive (again with the multi-tasking!). I've already read one book and so missed it! 
  • Writing - I will get back to my blog, my thoughts, just me. Life, careers, thoughts, parenthood, marriage, and hopefully soon I can write about that delayed honeymoon! 
  • Choir and singing - If you've read any of my previous blogs or know me, you know that I always strive to push myself outside my comfort zone, learn, grow. So my latest thing that started last year was learning to SING - and I loved it, joined a choir and am continuing singing lessons! I will do it with more free time to practice and enjoy more fully, without squeezing one more thing in! 
  • The REMODEL! We recently nearly completed a remodel during this (ok, me not nearly as much as my oldest and hubby!) But I look forward to completing it, and working on some other projects that can fulfill my 'nesting' tendency when I am free of something.
  • TRAVEL! That is, travel without reading all my work on the plane, in the airport, finding wi-fi to connect and submit assignments. I have a trip coming up for a dear friend's wedding in which I get to simply BEEEEE with about 6-7 of my best friends. In a vacation home. On a lake. In the Poconos. With my friends. With a glass of wine. This shall be utterly divine! Freedom! 
Image result for free quotesFREEDOM!!!!  Regardless of what I will do with my newly found 

FREEDOM, or you as you wrap up projects, degrees, anything. I will utterly and completely and mindfully enjoy it! 

FREEDOM, here I come! Let's make it an early date next week. Let's shoot for SUNDAY, and not the following Sunday! Here here to non-procrastination! 

Daring, Delightful, Desperately DONE,
soon-to-be Diploma'd Diva! 

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